Photo (c)   Taylor Parker Photography  , 2018.

Photo (c) Taylor Parker Photography, 2018.

What Was Once a Dream…

McDowell’s Bespoke Cakes has evolved from the cautious experiments of an uncertain hobbyist into a full-blown passion. Our goal is to provide you with a delicious edible art piece to engage all of your senses. Founded in 2017, we are currently serving the greater Asheville area by special order only - ensuring your vision always gets 100% of our attention.

Shannon and Patrick McDowell are teammates in the kitchen and soulmates in life. It is our sincerest wish that the love we feel for our community, our families, and each other is evident in our work - and that it shares with you the warmth and joy of our home. Let’s get to know each other.

Shannon McDowell

Shannon is a mom- and -grandma-taught baker living in Asheville, North Carolina. Though she was born and raised in south Florida, she’s spent her teen and adult years in western and central North Carolina, and has a heart split between the mountains and the sea. Her favorite things are baking, crying over every cat, Star Wars, Japanese curry, and living on island time. Her goal is to open her own boutique storefront by the end of 2019. If she could only eat one cake for the rest of her life, it would be key lime pie cake! (She both acknowledges and respects the irony.)

Patrick McDowell

Patrick is a steadfast non-baker. He is the perfect husband, a devoted cat father, a thorough dishwasher, a diligent lemon curd stirrer, and an eager cake scrap eater. A native son of western North Carolina, he loves rock n roll, pastrami, every animal ever, podcasts, and Magic: The Gathering. If he could bring one cake to a desert island, he would bring his great-grandma’s yellow cake with fudge frosting.